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What is Trella?

Trella is a platform that connects shippers to carriers.
Trella offers services and technology to empower drivers, improve their efficiency, boost their earnings and utilization as well as creating job opportunities.
Trella aims to reduce costs for shippers, introduce a transparent pricing structure and provide them with a more reliable source of carriers. All the while allowing them to track their shipments in real-time as well as report key insights on their transportation trends and performance.



With an interconnected network of carriers of all types, sizes and offerings alongside our intelligent zone-based dispatch, we will be able to avail supply to shippers on a superior service level to meet their timelines consistently.



Through a seamless user experience and a modern user interface, both shippers and carriers will have access to a transparent overview on pricing and payments, load movements and status updates as well as tracking and visibility.



Through intelligent matching, scheduled bookings and dynamic routing, Trella can optimize dispatch and limit dead hauls to improve trucking efficiency.


Competitive Pricing

As we improve container utilization and route efficiency for truckers and carriers, we will be able to provide shippers with competitive prices. This will effectively allow both carriers and shippers to improve their profitability further investing in and growing their businesses.

Our Products

We work on scheduled shipments utilizing all types of heavy and light freight vehicles anywhere within Egypt.
Trella offers dynamic and deeply analytical dashboards that help shippers get the greatest amount of insights from their loads.


We are customer-centric and obsessed about serving our shippers. Trella aims to disrupt the freight industry through a smooth user experience and a modern user interface. This will give both shippers and carriers access to a transparent overview on pricing, payments, load movements and status updates as well as tracking and visibility.

  • Lower Load Pricing
  • Higher Reliability
  • Improved Quality & Visibility


We believe that empowering carriers and intelligently moving freight will create unprecedented economic opportunities in the logistics space while allowing shippers to book reliable, affordable and high-quality loads. Trella connects carriers to shippers via direct bookings, helping them improve their utilization and enhancing their truck efficiency.

  • Direct Shipper Bookings
  • Improved Utilization
  • Enhanced Truck Efficiency

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