Trella is creating a step-change in the trucking industry to significantly reduce costs and save empty miles. To attain the best outcome of optimization, Trella is leveraging its technology by helping trucks move efficiently from one place to another.

Backhaul trips

Empty truck miles saved

Reduction in unnecessary CO2 emissions (tons)


Trella offers high-quality, inclusive jobs across its operating countries and is proudly employing people from all backgrounds who possess the talent and energy that will enable us to achieve our vision. We are continuously working on providing a safe and healthy work environment with attractive benefits for employees.

Learning & Development

Diversity & Inclusion

Female Employment

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At Trella, we built a product that is guided by serving carrier needs to better facilitate their day to day operations. Our product caters for less human interaction and error in an end-to-end solution with cashless payments, replacing the current interaction-heavy, paper-based infrastructure.
Trella is giving our carriers the financial and operational means to be served in new ways. We also promote the participation of our carriers in the formal economy and financial systems by giving them direct access to high quality products that can help them increase their productive output.

Digital Literacy Rate

Carriers’ financial health

Offering job opportunities


Guidelines & regulations to ensure responsible and ethical conduct

Progressive benefits & Employee Care

Strong and Diverse Board of Directors

We have built our first ESG report that outlines in full depth the pillars discussed above.
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We're currently operating in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.

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